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Sweet Pea's Restaurant

Sweet Peas is a Restaurant, Antique Gallery located in Riverton Connecticut.

"Sweet Pea's (Hartford Courant 8/31/2003)
6 Riverton Rd.
Riverton 06065

The Hartford Courant
Published: 8/31/2003

Situated inside a beautiful yellow Victorian, in one of the loveliest towns the Northwest Corner has to offer, Sweet Pea's all-occasion setting was the first thing to strike my eye. Seating is offered in several semi-private rooms, each as charming as the next. The hardwood floors are stenciled in classic Victorian style, and various antique accents complete the image: A towering, ornately carved hutch centers one room, while a pristine porcelain cookstove drew murmurs of admiration from diners in another.

While the restaurant has some beautifully elegant elements, it's far from highbrow. Sweet Pea's has chosen fun over fancy, and captures this in its menu. Shari's Tease is described thus: "Triad of oregano crusted lamb riblets corral a zucchini tomato mushroom escort." Some types may squirm at the goofy names, but in the end you have no choice but to lighten up, put a smile on your face and plunge into one of the most playful and eclectic menus around."

6 Riverton Road, Riverton Connecticut, 06065
Lunch: Tuesday through Sunday 11:30 to 2:30
Dinner: Tuesday through Saturday 5:00 to 9:00, Sunday 2:30-8:00

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